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Partners Wanted

Joint Venture Partners Wanted To Help Us Locate Houses, Etc..


Simply locate certain houses for us and bring these houses to our attention.  If we buy these houses and resell (flip) them you will be paid out of the profits as our partner.

We are looking for single family houses in PORT SAINT LUCIE that are VACANT OR ABANDONED:

If you locate one of these homes please submit the following form: 

Submit a Vacant Property
Referral name:
Referral phone:
Referral email:
Address of Vacant or Abandoned Property:
What makes the property look vacant?:

In addition to this form you must provide at least 1 picture of the front of the property (physically taken yourself from the location).  Please email the pic to

After we receive this form from you along with a picture we will contact you to gather a little more information before contacting the owner.

Sometimes we may need you, as our partner, to meet the seller and get a contract signed.  Or we might need you to show the property to a prospective buyer.  It all depends on the transaction and all deals are different.

We strive to make $5000 to $17,000 per deal.  When we come to an agreement with an owner we will sign a Joint Venture Partnership Agreement with you.  This ensures you will be paid out of the profits.

Note - Real estate investing involves a degree of risk and profits are not guaranteed.  Please discuss your investment goals with a qualified financial planner before entering into any real estate investment.

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